Why is Lip Butter Important During Dry Days?

Why is Lip Butter Important During Dry Days?

What is lip butter, and how can you use it effectively to help dry skin? Lip butter is a moisturizer for your lips that uses a butter (such as shea butter) as an ingredient to better moisturize your lips than more widespread products, such as petroleum products (sometimes known by the name ChapStick). When the weather is dry, lip butter can help your lips remain luscious and feel great.

What is the Difference Between Lip Butter and Lip Balm?

When it comes to moisturizing your lips and preventing cracking, there are usually two choices: lip balm or lip butter. What is the difference between the two?

The main difference between lip balm and lip butter is that lip butter tends to feel more moist due to its additional oils, and butters. These ingredients may include avocado oil, goat milk, and extra virgin olive oil, whereas lip balms typically are more protective than moisture imparting in their formulation.

Why Do You Need Lip Butter on Dry Days?

Our lips do not have glands like most other parts of the skin, which means that our lips are less able than the rest of our skin to regulate moisture. In other words, our lips can easily become dry and cracked.

Our lips are more likely to crack when the air around us is dry compared to when the air is humid. Applying lip butter during dry weather can help your lips regain moisture quickly.

Dry and cracked lips are most famously an issue in the cooler winter months when little moisture is in the air. However, excessive exposure to the sun and wind can also cause lips to become dry and cracked too, so there is no one time of the year when you need to be more careful about looking after your lips. If you hate dry lips, consider carrying lip butter with you regularly or at least keep a tube on your desk where you can find it. Your lips will thank you!

Do You Only Need to Use Lip Butter on Dry Days?

Many people only use lip butter on dry days, but others choose to use lip butter daily because they may be more prone to dry, cracked lips than the average person.

For example, people who tend to lick their lips a lot are more likely to suffer from dry lips because saliva can strip the lips of moisture. People who take certain medications such as lithium and chemotherapy drugs also tend to have dry lips. Applying lip butter regularly throughout the day can help to prevent their discomfort and keep lips soft and healthy too.

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