Collection: Eco Cleaning

Go bottleless!

 Yes right there at the kitchen sink. 

Prepare to be amazed with the grease cutting yet gentle power of this dish soap. 

You may be wondering "how do I use this?" Let me explain: If you like to have a sink filled with sudsy water to do your dishes, then hold this Suds dishwashing bar under the running water for a few seconds, prepare to be amazed with all the suds! Now get to it and clean those dishes with a clean conscience cause you are not using any harsh chemicals and you will throw nothing in the landfill when this Suds dishwashing bar is used up. Even that shrink wrap it was in when you purchased is biodegradable.

You say you only have a couple things to wash up. Great all you need to do is wet your dish cloth, sponge, or brush then rub a little Suds dishwashing bar on it and get cracking!

Ingredients: Water, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil sodium hydroxide. That's It!