Collection: Hair Care

Shampoo in a bar?

It may sound wacky, but these nifty little goats milk Shampoo bars last a month or more.

It's really simple to use. Get your hair good and wet. Now make a few passes through your wet hair with your Tristegus goats milk shampoo bar.

Now you're ready to massage your scalp with your fingers under your hair. Yep under your hair, this will help prevent tangles and is especially important if your hair is color treated. You should now be experiencing a luscious lather. If not, make another swipe or two with the shampoo bar. Remember that most of the oils and dead skin cells you want to remove are on the scalp, not the ends of your hair. Gently work the lather through to the ends.

Now it's time to rinse. Don't skimp on this part. (This is true of any shampoo). While Tristegus shampoo bar rinses out very easily any residue left behind will allow dust and pollution a place to grab on to.

Tristegus shampoo bars leave you with gorgeous, silky hair.

You have done your part to be more eco friendly. Tristegus shampoo bars have no chemicals to harm our eco system, and leave nothing behind to throw in the landfill; even that shrink wrap is biodegradable. Genius!  

Conditioner in a bar? 

Yep!  If you need it Tristegus did has it too!

Conditioner in a bar makes it easy to get just the right amount of conditioner on your hair.

Tristegus conditioner bar is needed most on the middle and ends of your hair shaft.  Apply  Tristegus conditioner bar in the same manner as Tristegus shampoo bar. 

Once applied (start with a little) finger comb your hair. Once you feel you have distributed conditioner evenly you can apply more if you are still experiencing tangles. 

If you have wavy or curly hair you may want to try Tristegus conditioner bar as a leave in to help keep your curls under control. ( this is what I do).